Exclude CSS

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ExcludeFromPickers ExcludeAllFromPickersOutsideBlock

Reuse Logic

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You have logic in Screen Action of web application You want to reuse the logic for mobile Use Extract to Action to move all to new Server Action in Logic layer


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Go to HTTPRequestHandler API Use GetRequest_Submit Set URL to REST API Method in Logic > Integrations > REST

Import data from Excel

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Right click on Database in Data Layer Select import Entity from Excel


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Extends Service Center capabilities to cross environment scenarios E.g. From Development environment -> QA environment -> Integration environment -> Production environment We can track applications, versions on each environments

Service Center

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Administration console Accessible via browser Place to configure Platform Server for administration and operation teams. Monitor server itself

Integration Studio

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Development environment Integrate external resource (data, .Net code extension) into OutSystems platform Provide a number of wizards and capabilities to represent external resource as a OutSystems component to publish to server E.g: Import Actions from .NET Assembly The representation can be used in Service Studio as normal OutSystems resource, even we cannot recognize the difference […more]

Service Studio

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Low-code visual development environment to rapidly create web and mobile apps Like Visual Studio or Eclipse

App Published Life Cycle?

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Service Studio connects to Platform Server Platform Server publish app to server App version is saved to Metadata Repository Platform Server Compiles and generate application Deploy app to Standard Application Server Standard Application Server can go ahead and run app by using below: Traditional Databases External Systems OutSystems official tutorials

OutSystems Server uses

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Set of servers Compile apps Deploy apps Manage apps Run apps Monitor apps