Trap in Structure Automated Generation

  1. OutSystems look through each existing Structure.
  2. If there is familiar Structure with missing current Structure attribute
  3. It will add new attribute into existing Structure and may change the name
  4. So, we need to check merge to make sure automated generation is working as our architecture design


  1. Extends Service Center capabilities to cross environment scenarios
  2. E.g. From Development environment -> QA environment -> Integration environment -> Production environment
  3. We can track applications, versions on each environments

Integration Studio

  1. Development environment
    1. Integrate external resource (data, .Net code extension) into OutSystems platform
    2. Provide a number of wizards and capabilities to represent external resource as a OutSystems component to publish to server
    3. E.g: Import Actions from .NET Assembly
    4. The representation can be used in Service Studio as normal OutSystems resource, even we cannot recognize the difference between internal and external resource.